Daycare....Oh my goodness

Daycare in Tuscaloosa....Oh me oh my. Because of the 5 destroyed by the tornado in April, waiting lists are backed with INSANE numbers for the year-round preschools. That tornado STILL has a grip, even with the fantastic progress. Now would be a fabulous time to set up shop in T-Town if you've ever thought of entering the child care world.... After checking a wait list they finally let me in on why the outrageous waiting list system. FBC (and others) combined or took in the displaced kids and teachers in April, filling up to capacity and then some. Plus other businesses (restaurants and retail) gobbled up the available space that daycares/preschools could have filled. There are a few new ones coming into town where we would have a better shot, but they are all way north. 50 minutes or so and the complete opposite end of town from our house and John's work. (As a girl who is good at being late, that ain't gonna work. We need somewhat convenient, but we may not have a choice.) We really need year round, and it's just posing a slight problemo.

I have my top picks - and there's one I REALLY want....Or one I think I want, until someone tells me otherwise. I'm still feeling like a Tuscaloosa transplant, so this daycare thing is a little new to me. Full year, school year, every day, or school system schedule + summer. Licensed or church....cameras and ratios.  Who knows! SO much to consider! I thought I would be worried about labor, epidurals and nurseries...but this daycare thing is about as rough as it gets. As a mama who will work, I  want my child to be at what I consider the best.  It's the only way I can justify working, if we both feel confident and comfortable with our pick. After working at CLC and coming with an educational background, I'm picky. (There, I said it.) So, my prayer warrior friends, I need a little help with finding/getting a spot at the perfect year round care...preferably in a church. And, to anyone considering a baby, get your name on the list now!

Otherwise, Arleigh and I are doing great! I'm starting to be a little uncomfortable, especially at night. My only real complaints are the constant dry mouth (especially at night, even with the humidifier) and the never ending congestion. That's been from the get-go. We have passed all our glucose tests, so we should be done with that yuckiness. In other good news, I've only gained 3 pounds, which - being a big girl, is fabulous at the 26 week point. I'm hoping to keep it under 12 by the end. Blood pressure still looks great, but I'm starting to have a little swelling, especially in my hands.  Her heart rate has stayed around 152 from the beginning.  Her kicks and wiggles are out of this world. Especially during football games - TV or radio, it doesn't matter. I think it's the manly voices, cheering, or the cowbells. She's just like her daddy. Loves some ESPN! :-)

We have another ultrasound coming up to see if the placenta has migrated up so we can get off the placenta previa list. That would be FANTASTIC. We haven't had any bleeding yet, which is great. It's not good with placenta previa and can lead to bed rest. I've been taking it very easy as directed - typically going home after work, eating whatever my sweet hubs cooks for supper, and going to lay down. There's something about the prone position that is way more comfortable for me. No lifting, no hanky panky with pelvic rest...blah blah blah.  I hope she decides to move up as well. She's laying from one side to the other about as low as you can go.Only good part is the extra ultrasounds to see my Miss Priss.

Our OB, Dr. R, has cancer. We are pretty upset, because he is FABULOUS. About as fabulous as you could wish for in a doctor.  He's started treatment and will be out for up to a year, so we have a new doctor. Our prayers are with him and his family. I'm not sure we'll get another doctor that draws me diagrams with bows on Arleigh's stick figure head in utero, but we'll make do. I just hope he gets better! We've switched to Dr. E, who delivered Libby and Millie. 

She officially has nursery furniture, if the elves get it finished by Christmas. Papa, Poppy and Nano have a lot to do! :-) We are very thankful for their help! Nano is coming over this weekend to help with the curtains. I thought I could do them, but with the splurge for Amy Butler fabrics I think I need a supervisor.

Papa hung the chandelier Sunday for us. (Yep, we will need less wattage on the bulbs for sure!)

Swayze helped us pick out lots of her clothes for Arleigh, so she is getting all set! We've started organizing. We're getting ready to move it all into her new room soon! Hopefully by Christmas we'll be DONE.

I'm really thankful for online shopping. I'm almost done - waiting on the USPS. Woop, woop! It's like Christmas every day. With everything I have ordered off Etsy for Skeeter and all the presents for under my (non-existent) tree, I love going home and opening boxes. (You heard that right. I'm not having any trees this year. I'll put up our nativity, but that will be it. John has been so good and helpful with everything else, I'm not about to ask him to put up all my Christmas!)

Happy Thursday!