The EASY Working Mom way to make Fish Tacos

Seriously the easiest fish tacos you can make at home.....

Several years ago on a trip to California, I was introduced to the wonderful world of fish tacos. I loved them, but my hubs and family didn't share my taste buds for something new and different. Heck, we're southern! Why would I expect them to love my California treat? 

There are not many places to get yummy fish tacos in these parts, so I've learned to make my own EASY EASY EASY variety.  And with family approval! (We have a 13 Month old and work outside the home. If you get supper and it's not out of a to-go bag or a sandwich on a weeknight, you are getting a TREAT.)

The four ingredient must haves:
  • Boxed fish - It can be the crispy baked fish, or the grilled. Either way, we get the boxed kind for quick week day meals. I buy it only when it's on sale at Publix. On the weekend when we've had more time, we've grilled catfish for our southern fish tacos. Way yummy. 
  • Flour Tortilla shells (A pantry staple in this house)
  • Packaged Coleslaw Cabbage from the Salad Aisle (No dressing, with the lettuce/bagged salads) 
  • Southwest Ranch Dressing (We like the Marie's from the refrigerated section. Publix usually has it BOGO. We've also used the Hidden Valley Southwest Ranch, which was good.)
The quick  way - 
Bake the fish. Mix half a bag of coleslaw with a bit of southwest ranch dressing until it's lightly coated. Assemble. And EAT.   EASY. WAY TOO EASY.

To make it EVEN BETTER: 
If you are wanting a little more get-up and have these extras in your pantry, here are some suggestions. 

I add these straight in the slaw - so it's very easy assembly:
  • Half a can of Mexicorn (Drained)
  • Half a can of Black Beans (Drained and Rinsed)
  • Fresh Lime Juice from one lime (This adds SO much!)
  • Chopped Bell Pepper, Onions (We buy the chopped trinity from the veggie section in the grocery store) 
  • A scoop of a good salsa (I love the Newman's Own Peach Salsa in mine. The black bean and corn is yummy, too!)

Other add on fish taco bar options, depending on your mood:
  • Shredded cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Cilantro
  • Avocado (My kid love it!)
  • Mexi-Rice
  • More lime!

Just a note -  Making up half a bag of coleslaw usually makes enough for two nights. We bake one box of fish for the first night, and we'll do something different - (frozen section) grilled shrimp - the heat and eat kind the next night instead of fish.

And if you are feeding the ittybittys that are sensitive to the heat in the southwest dressing ---You can mix the slaw with just  a touch of the southwest dressing and use coleslaw dressing or regular ranch for the moisture. 

The most important part of cooking - Teaching and sharing with your family. 

Happy Taco Tuesday! What's your favorite way to eat tacos?