Ribbon wreath for hospital door

I stink at blogging. Sometimes I just PLAIN forget! I took photos of a recent project a few weeks back and I'm just now getting around to posting! Sorry guys!

As if I haven't blabbed enough to my buds, I'm getting a niece. I am SO excited! It's been a fabulous outlet of all those ideas floating around in my head that need a home.

First big project. Swayze's Hospital door wreath...

I (well, John) made me a circle from a metal coat hanger. I eventually realized one coat hanger was not big enough for Swayze, so we added another. I cut ribbon and fabric with pinking shears into strips.

I tied the ribbons around the coat hanger. Several hours, nights, yards of fabric and rolls of ribbon later....Voila. Here you have the finished product.

It turned out WAY cute. I must say...This was a labor of love. Lots of time!  I hope this one stays in the family for me to use one day!

Now I also know that hobby lobby makes a ready to go metal wreath. That would have been much easier! But the coat hanger was free. 


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