Let's jump right to my newest hobby

Ok, so let's jump right to my newest hobby/addiction. Wonder under and my sewing machine. It's my new diet coke addiction! I stink at updating this blog anyway, so I'll cut right to the point. 

Arleigh is a fabulous baby. The first month has FLOWN by at an incredible rate. She's a really easy going sweet baby, but can have a bit of her daddy and Uncle Josh's temper on occasion. (Although it's rare, and she never seems to do it for anyone but us...The grandparents don't believe us!) She's definitely a keeper!  I figure anyone who follows this would see all the facebook love anyway, or at least see my 10,000 pictures I've posted. Can you tell we REALLY think she's the coolest kid EVER?

First project was the carrot. A little existing ribbon, orange carrot shape with wonder under, zig zag around, 
a new button...voilĂ .

Second project - Same day. I found a pattern for a skirt online. It tempted me because it said it was a easy project... Well, she was right!   (Go to the EASY rectangle skirt pattern HERE.)

The fabric was left over Amy Butler from a nursery project. I had a few onesies left from my month by month project (I'll post that later).  I added the mini-pompom fringe by hand, but it wasn't difficult.

 The cross was wonder undered on first, then I zigzagged around the edges. While I'm definitely still learning, and this would NOT win any awards for technical abilities, the trick to applique freehand on a regular machine is keeping the fabric border in between the foot pedal piece. You just have to focus on using the foot pedal as your guide.  Really not that complicated, but I'm just learning so it's not a beauty yet. Don't judge on my sewing ability!

Familiar with Matilda Jane? I LOVE the style...but I can't afford the price. The main aspect of every collection I ADORE are the mismatched yet coordinating fabrics. They are wild, yet they have a mid-western vintage modern flair.  So I went for it....I just had to add more layers to the skirt! 

Then...I decided Arleigh just had to have a matching head accessory. The band (on the brain-squeezer, as we say) is little girl panty hose. I disected another hand-me down band for this one. The backing is a piece of felt. I made my favorite easy breezy flowers. Super easy. Thin strips for fabric, rolled onto a pipe cleaner. Roll the pipe cleaner into the shape of the flower, a little hot glue...and again, voila! 
I'm SO ready to try it on her!  Uncle Brock is stopping by before heading to the airport in Bham, and then JuJu and Papa J are babysitting while I take Clarence for his shots. As long as they don't look too close at the outfit, maybe they can't tell I don't have a clue what I'm doing! But it's SO MUCH FUN!

PS...Can you tell I'm excited? Maybe it's because I've never sewn more than a straight line for curtains! And I've certainly never made a complete outfit! (Ok, I'll chill out a little now. Time for more coffee, because it's not even 6 am, and I'm going on about 2 hours of sleep!)