Custom Cupcake Stick Toppers

I love vistaprint. I uploaded the party design and had envelope seals printed. I used a scrapbook punch and sucker sticks. Now I'm in the assembly portion of the project. I hope these look as cute as they look in my head for the party! I think they are going on chocolate cupcakes. I almost bought some toppers off etsy...but heck, creating is half the fun!

I rarely get to use my creative thoughts for "fun" projects because I stay busy. But, thanks to my sweet husband who's been painting backgrounds and assembling and mailing out orders, I can have time to be creative! ;-)

I did the invitation myself (one of those fun graphic design projects) then uploaded (all to match) and printed banners, signs, stickers, bags,  invitations....you name it.......on vista print. I've gone way overboard, but it's part of the Aunt Pen "being" Aunt Pen that John will have to get use to with me. My baby bubba is having a baby, and I can't help but be pumped! Especially with everything going on with us lately. It's been good baby therapy!



  1. So I talked about your blog today...basically I just can't help myself. :) Hope you enjoy! http://leemeandthegirls.blogspot.com/2010/08/and-award-goes-to.html

  2. Thanks McCall! :-) I feel totally special. :-)