Teacher Appreciation Week - And Free Printable

"Donut" Forget the Teacher! We did this little number for Teacher Appreciation Week.

It's important not to forget the teachers of the wee-ones, too!

If you can't tell, we start artistry early. AO is a 14 month old who SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER when you take up her crayons or markers. She hasn't figured out the paint yet, though. She also eats crayons, but that's another story.

Donuts are a perfect little thank you.

Perfect anytime a special someone in your life needs a treat. Could be a friend, co-workers, church buds...Whoever needs a  thank you. And they are great for sharing!


We taped it to our doughnut box and voila! Easy treat to make someone feel special.

Why don't you print it out and give someone a special little thank you? 

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