Folks love to post their idea boards. Wellllll, I thought I might need one to stay on focus with just a little more direction.

So far:
  • We have the $5 chandelier from the thrift store and $4 orange spray paint
  • The $18 striped bedspread from Freds (SO DIRT CHEAP I'm hate sharing my sources!)
  • The Think Happy, Be Happy $14 clearance aisle hobby lobby giant canvas wall art. (This may stay in my living room. I'm LOVING it in there now!)
  • $10 gallon can of grey paint from the clearance section at Lowes
  • $22 of Navy Chevron duck cloth Fabric to make some (fabulous in my head) curtains. (My splurge.)
  • $12 Orange chevron pillows (That have been on my living room couch, and will be relocated to their new home)
  • $10 Turquoise chevron lamp from Freds (A treat from my dear Mama)
What I'm still searching for the guest room:
  • A fabulously cheap rug that is orange or aqua and FUNKY. Found a great source on Ebay. I just haven't made the leap.
Product Image
  • The perfect frame dirt cheap from thrifting or yard sale so I can DIY my own Dr. Seuss look-a-like print. I've got it in my head that I can have my Office Depot connection print it jumbo size on the cheap.
  • I need accent pieces. I love anchors and owls. They go together, right? 

 I've finally decided that I am going to make my house what I love, and say to heck with the rest. Why not?

If you know me, you know I LOVE color. And lots of it. But I've just now decided I don't have to be scared of color.

What are you most afraid of with decorating? 

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