New Mini Backyard Garden - DIY Style

 First step, a daddy who loves you.

Second, treated lumber and a way cool pneumatic nail gun and a willing Daddy as a teacher.

Third, a loving mother who has mad skills with a shovel and rake. (We took a 4' x 8' corner of the yard and turned the ground to loosen the soil.

Fourth, newspaper. Hopefully this will kill the grass underneath.

Fifth, lots of garden dirt and black cow manure. (And a strong Daddy to dump the bags.)

Sixth, a cute baby to crawl and walk all over new garden bed to pack it down.

Seventh, scrub down above mentioned baby and sit back and admire the work. ;-)

Hopefully now AO can learn more about her southern "roots" and take up gardening! Her NanO is a certified master gardener, and her Poppy plows and plants acres and acres each year.  AO has to have a green thumb in there somewhere!  The way she likes the dirt....I think we are off to a good start!

We grew up gardening each summer and composting. I want AO to see how food is grown so she understands it isn't just unloaded off a truck at Publix. Important life skills that are dying with the generations.

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