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So maybe a better explanation to the photos. This is my cousin Kathalia, who at 40+ has never been married. She met her hubby late in life, after both sets of their parents had died. This was from Kathalia's dream wedding, which turned out beautiful. She was an absolutely beautiful bride! So, to the romantics out there who haven't had luck with their Mr./Mrs. Right, don't give up hope!

printed glasses from the reception....

Rehearsal dinner was at the camphouse, OJ style.

Kathalia's Dress was BEAUTIFUL!

Multimedia message

My little bro and cute little Hays! Aren't they cute. Josh looked so much like Hays as a little boy.

The bride and groom

The groom was a Mississippi State fan. They rang cowbells as they came in from the sanctuary to the reception hall.

My Aunt Edith is family from my mom's side of the family. Just for background, Kathalia is kin on my dad's side. Aunt Edith is also kin to the groom, and Aunt Bet and Uncle Robert Lee are friends of the groom's family. So southern. We may not all be kin, but I can bet money that the families all connect somehow.

I love bling. What girl doesn't!


I love weekends!

I'm setting out to be more of a free spirit this year. I'm going to try to do more with my friends and family, and not be so captured in this house between working a full time job, being a wife and running a business. It can be so challenging! The goal this year is to loosen up and remember what it was like back when I did things I enjoyed!

Last weekend was Easter weekend, so I was off Good Friday. Jennifer and Brooke invited me to go on an overnight trip to Birmingham to stay at the Hyatt with them - a good friend gave them a room for the night for free! We had fun! So nice to get out of the house! This makes TWICE in 3 weeks I have taken a GIRLS TRIP! First was to Memphis to see Rose and Sarah, and now this one to the 'Ham with Brooke and Jen!

Yummy fish tacos at Superior Grill - They were sooo good!

We went to the movies and saw Chloe. Not anything I would recommend seeing again. Quite strange and raunchy.

Then we made a midnight run to KRISPY KREME! I didn't grow up with a Krispy Kreme, so this was quite the treat!

Saturday morning we got up and did our Easter dress shopping, which was quite productive. I made it back to Tuscaloosa in time to see Libby Lou beat one of the local Hillcrest teams.

Pen and Millie Claire. Below is Dan and Ging!