Monday started with a BANG - Literally

Skeeter is fine - We start this week as a turnip, and should double in size by our next appointment. (Our gender reveal appointment!) Heart rate is 154, all was well.

Not so good with me. I have to go back Thursday for more glucose screening for gestational diabetes. I've always had my sugar checked and been fine - but apparently pregnancy is pushing me over the edge. Today's reading wasn't so great. My doc is watching it early because of some issues, and I know we'll get it under control if it ends up being the culprit.

And then....At lunch, I got rear-ended.....BANG!  Only a little damage to the bumper, but enough to scare the b-ggeezez out of a first time preggo mama. My nerves are probably doing more harm to Skeeter than the actual jolt.

I called the doc's office just to let them know. They said to take tylenol and take it easy. Can do.

I've got to learn that as much as I LOVE my google habits, it's not always wise to google things like car accidents and pregnancy. That stuff is scary.

It's one of those days a good cry is just what I need! :-)

Then, about 9:30, I had a surprise visitor....BROCK! I love surprise visitors with presents...Especially my Broccoli.  :-) WHO doesn't!!  He was headed home from a trip to London. He stopped by to see us, then drove on to Tupelo. He came with treats!  Paddington Bear from Paddington Station for Skeeter, and (for me) royal china to mark the William and Kate wedding, and a Christmas ornament of Big Ben.

It was certainly enough to turn my frown upside down! :-)