Big News - GOOD News!

So, If you haven't heard - We're expecting! We are PUMPED about this blessing from God!

My favorite aspect of our Skeeter baby story - This baby has the exact same due date, LMP, conception date as our miscarriage last summer. Talk about God and His second blessings. He knows what He is doing. No doubt. Our marriage and faith are one year stronger, and we're where we need to be. No doubts. God is in control.

Due date is looking like the end of February/First of March.  At my belly rate I keep thinking there are two in there! HA!  That makes us 15 weeks 4 days. We have a 4-5" baby, approximately the size of an avocado.

So far, it's been pretty easy breezy. I was really tired in the beginning, and still tire easily. Overall not much sickness. Just have to eat regularly and frequently. And avoid the junk.  Last appointment, we were down 10 pounds. I think we're still down about 6 now. Just trying to find the right balance of maintaining my current weight and not gaining any weight other than the actual baby weight. There's no eating what you want here, unfortunately. Not that many things sound good anyway. It's been bland foods - baked and mashed potatoes since about July. Chicfila Chicken Salad sandwiches and watermelon - I think that is a pregnant given. Ha!

If I could get my sinuses under control, It would be smooth sailing. My allergies are outrageous for some reason. I know my co-workers are really tired of my nose blowing! :-) I've had horrible dry mouth at night that wakes me up several times...Just trying to breathe through my mouth congested, I believe. We're going to do an early glucose test next Monday just to make sure it's not the dreaded gestational diabetes.

Being a *BIG* girl pregnant has it's challenges. Watching the weight, finding clothes, looking preggo vs fat - it's a challenge.  The lovely belly bands do pretty good at keeping my belly a little more smooth, but not so good at holding up the old blue jeans  instead of jumping straight  for maternity britches. Maternity clothes are hard. There aren't that many places that make big girl maternity clothes. Motherhood has a few, and there are a couple of other online shops. It's slim pickin'. Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug and Old Navy have all discontinued the plus maternity sections.  I'm in the phase now where I try on 3 different outfits in the morning. I'm in between being preggo and just bigger, so it's definitely a challenge. I tell mama and John that the baby is just readjusting my belly at this point - the top sticks out more and the bottom is definitely rounder. It's amazing how knowing you are growing a baby can make you love your body. It's a first for me, and one I'm really trying to enjoy.  I'm already learning there is no modesty allowed in pregnancy. You just stick all the rolls and goods out for the world to see. :-)

We should find out if Skeeter is a he or a she in October. John, Daddy and Josh are certain it's a boy. Me and O - not so sure. I'm more accustomed to tea parties and beauty shop. More than anything, healthy and happy.

Hopefully that will catch you up a little! Next visit - I'll have a nursery preview!

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  1. Oh, Penny! I am so excited for you! I know you are thrilled! It is great seeing how good GOD is and being able to reaffirm your faith! I know this feeling! It is like your heart is about to burst from smiling so much! May you continue to have a good pregnancy! I can't wait to see how you decorate!