Welcome Back!

I've been away from the blog-o-sphere for almost a year now! I will have to do so much better! For a quick catch up -

The biggest news of the past year - Swayze is here! She's BEAUTIFUL, and I would move back to Columbus just to see this adorable kid-o more often. I'm smitten. She made us all have serious prayer when she arrived - she ended up at Lebonheur for a spell, but she's all better now. Giving her Mama and Daddy a run for their money. How can you NOT love this face?

In other news, the whole world is aware of the devastating tornado season in the south. Tuscaloosa was hit twice - Once on the 15th, and then the big monster F4 (debatable F5) on the 27th. I'm a avid weather watcher - I have so many weather aps on my phone it's ridiculous. But I gained serious respect for the power of weather in April. It was a period of severe weather that hasn't been seen in my 31 years, and probably won't be repeated in my lifetime. At least I hope it won't be repeated. We saw the monster on the 27th behind our house and make a B-line into town. It was a scary sight, even in it's smaller size on our south end of town. It looked like an octopus - with multiple vortexes swirling around as it traveled north. Scary, scary sight. We had a little minor damage on April 15th from an F3 that hit our end of town. I'm just thankful the 2011 spring tornado season is over. Tuscaloosa impressed me tremendously. I'm so proud to be living in a town with such resiliency. I'll try to do our tornado story soon. Everyone living here has one. Or five. :-)

The Mansell's have big news to announce. At least we think it's big. :-)
Stay tuned!

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