Baby Shower Happies

Tonight's project...party favors. For my life long bff Kimberly, I took little pewter crosses and made very similar cards for her baby shower. It was oooo so sweet.

But, not knowing how many Sansing and Junkin peeps we may have at the party, we ordered crosses from Oriental. I took brads (that are very cute birds) and pined them in the center of the cross. I had cards printed at vistaprint (well, duh) and voila! Cute, sentimental, memorable, keepsake happies.




  1. Anonymous8/31/2010

    I hope you have got all this stuff packed and ready for travel. Worked on the grocery list for your menu, while I was at the dentist with A & A. I guess you will be here at sunup Saturday to get started on all of these Aunt Penny projects to come together. Aunt Nay and Nan O better eat their wheaties :-)
    Mom O

  2. Hey! So... I tagged you in a post. :)