Nursery Ideas

Like most folks, the Mansell's aren't millionaires. Heck, we're still on the Dave Ramsey plan to be able to eventually have something. That means the nursery needs to be practical. And being that I'll be 32 having a baby, chances are pretty high that if we want another baby, we're not going to be able to have much time between younguns.  (We're definitely going to give one a shot first, of course. John says we need to see how that goes.) With that in mind, I'd like a reusable nursery, gender neutral, so we're able to reuse most next time. 

With this new found practicality (and a health dose of sentimentalism) we're reusing a bunch of family pieces. (And family names, but we'll get to that later.) Danielle has offered the Jenny Lind cradle and crib the girls (Lib and Mil) used, and  my mother in law has an antique family rocker (we're reupholstering) and a dresser (doubling as a diaper changing station) we can refinish. Seems we'll be using a LOT of paint. LOTS. 
Right now the walls are the standard new home taupe. We're painting the walls a pale butter yellow (it may actually be "top banana" a valspar color, just because I can't resist the paint name <><>).

Crib I'm thinking turquoise, most furniture red - we'll see how much I can get done. I hope I'm up for the challenge! Neutral bedding, because there will be so much color everywhere else. Right now I'm thinking the Harper in green from pottery barn. Basic and practically priced. 
Hopefully I can pull off a big dose of vintage eclectic modern. I know, that's a mouthful. I'm not big on themes - they don't fit us. I'm just going bright vintage....I'm loving vintage prints and pieces. (Etsy is going to have me bust my measly budget.)  I'll personalize the wall art more when we know if Skeeter is a he or a she. But the foundation is going to be neutral.

Look out antique stores, I'm a woman on a mission. :-)

I really hope my child loves color like me. Red, yellow, turquoise, lime, orange.... Skeeter better! :-)

P.S. Skeeter is just a nickname. Skeeter is just more fun to say than Baby M. You know?

Later gators!


  1. I love your vintage twist! I will keep my eyes open as well. Congrats! I look forward to following the Skeeter buzz!

  2. Robin Minton9/18/2011

    I know that Skeeter will love whatever you use!!! It all sounds very practical and I know it will look great. I know it will be painted with lots and lots of love! I can't wait to hear if I'm going to have a great neice or a great nephew:-)))

  3. Renee Spinks9/18/2011

    Taylor asks me every day "When will Penny know what she is having?" He is hoping for a boy!!