Moving Gravel at the Camphouse

We made the drive over to the camphouse yesterday afternoon. It was just for supper, but when we got there, Josh was hauling the last of 10 loads of gravel for the day from the gravel pit. So, Clarence and I loaded up with Josh in the dump truck, went to the gravel pit, and watched him move dirt. :-) Coolest part ever was my little bro teaching me to work the front-end loader!

We hauled the load back to the camphouse, dumped the dump truck and Daddy got on the big road grater to spread it out. They kinda have a thing for heavy equipment! :-)

Josh loading gravel in the loader....

Dumping the gravel in the dump truck bed...

That's ME moving dirt! I must confess, this was a lot of fun. My daddy probably wouldn't have let me be so adventurous on machinery, but my bubba will! :0)

Clarence, being raised a city dog, was a little unsure of the ride in the big ole, loud dump truck. He snuggled up on Uncle Josh.

Daddy with the road grater spreading out our load of gravel.

The boys left to go turkey huntin', so I got on the 4-wheeler and went and found the nearest mud hole. Being a kid again is SO much fun!

There is nothing more fun than letting loose in the middle of the boondocks. It's peaceful, quiet, and there's room to think. Not to mention I think the oxygen from all of the trees is good for the soul! And yes, you can wear swarovski crystal sunglasses on a tractor or mud riding with jeans and your cowboy boots. City girl, country girl, whatever you may be, it does work. I could and would have done it all in heels. :o)

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  1. Anonymous3/28/2010

    Pop is so right! It takes hard work to achieve what your Daddy has these last 35 years. It is our dream and prayer that those ethics were passed down to you and Josh. I love to remind both of you, "when we lived in the 10 X 56 trailer" --cause it was not a mobile home by today's standards--but it became our home, two hearts became one and we began to dream. Oh! And I still love to dream...