Politically Upset

If you watch my facebook page, then you know I'm not too happy about what is going on in Washington. What you may not understand, is why. I do believe there is a need for health care reform in this country. Regulations to protect the people from big greedy monsters. I get that, I really do. But the problem I have with this package is it turns the government into the big greedy monster.

I'm a conservative, one who strongly believes that big government is not the answer for a democracy. When you put the government on the side of taking care of the people, instead of giving the people opportunities for their own advancement, you begin to create a socialist society. I work hard for what I have....REALLY hard. It's my belief that the more people begin to depend on the government for handouts and to take care of their basic needs, the less likely they are to get off their rears and show initiative. The less opportunities are there to grow character if there is no struggle to make yourself better.

I'm from the old school of thought that the government should be in place to protect the people from enemies and the evils of the world. A democracy is when the government looks out to make sure the people have free will to use their moral compass to make their own decisions and choices; there is no room in democracy to continuously take from others to meet the needs of the less fortunate. That job should be on the hearts of our countrymen and churches as neighbors to take care of each other. But, oh...wait, we don't give our children the opportunity to learn about morals and values any more, because the government didn't see it as important enough to be included in the curriculum for the kids of this country. Parents don't teach morals or values, schools can't teach it, churches don't instill values enough....so that leaves a country of citizens who don't understand values, character, hard work ethics - or any root of what this country was founded upon. We have become a country who expects hand outs and has little patience for the hard work it takes to meet our basic needs on our own. Even as Christians we don't do a good job of helping those who are less fortunate, when it is our job. We have become so selfish and bitter towards everything that is handed to certain folks, that we resent having to be nice. Very, very few in our country have ever been truly neighborly. The moral compass of America is dying.

The health care bill scares me. I attempted to read the 1990 pages of one hot mess. Should we have some form of regulation? Sure. There are several scary things that can happen with the health care system we have in place. What really ticks me off is the way this bill passed. No attempt to get both sides on board. No bipartisanship at all. Just a bunch of secret meetings forcing out the democratic process. Did you know the last 400 pages are about medical care for Indians? Haven't heard much about that in the news. Who even knows what is in this thing! No stages for progress. No baby steps at reform. Just trillions of dollars spent while we're all in a recession. Way to show Americans how to be responsible with money. Oh, wait, it's OUR money. Not yours, Washington. *Insert serious eye rolls of frustration and aggravation.*

I hope the foundation of America can survive, and I pray for Godly individuals to be on our ballots....soon.

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