Camphouse = Family

We spent a little time with family last night. One of the best moments was when my Pop and I were talking by ourselves about the camp, and all of Daddy's plans to expand and add on that are in progress. He said "Well Sis, if you work hard all of your life you can have things like this. Most folks don't have anything to show for it. But with this, you have something. It's family."

I've thought a lot about the little things in life lately. Family being one of the most important!

Aunt Nay and Pop...

The absolute best porch swing on the planet.

The playground for all those gran-kids Nan-O and Poppy want to have one day. One of the coolest things ever. Complete with a tunnel slide, fireman's pole, wave slide, play house, swinging bridge and mini rock wall. I want one!

Daddy telling Mama about the plans for building the additions.

The best steak you'll ever eat is ALWAYS cooked by my Daddy. No one else comes close.

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