I love weekends!

I'm setting out to be more of a free spirit this year. I'm going to try to do more with my friends and family, and not be so captured in this house between working a full time job, being a wife and running a business. It can be so challenging! The goal this year is to loosen up and remember what it was like back when I did things I enjoyed!

Last weekend was Easter weekend, so I was off Good Friday. Jennifer and Brooke invited me to go on an overnight trip to Birmingham to stay at the Hyatt with them - a good friend gave them a room for the night for free! We had fun! So nice to get out of the house! This makes TWICE in 3 weeks I have taken a GIRLS TRIP! First was to Memphis to see Rose and Sarah, and now this one to the 'Ham with Brooke and Jen!

Yummy fish tacos at Superior Grill - They were sooo good!

We went to the movies and saw Chloe. Not anything I would recommend seeing again. Quite strange and raunchy.

Then we made a midnight run to KRISPY KREME! I didn't grow up with a Krispy Kreme, so this was quite the treat!

Saturday morning we got up and did our Easter dress shopping, which was quite productive. I made it back to Tuscaloosa in time to see Libby Lou beat one of the local Hillcrest teams.

Pen and Millie Claire. Below is Dan and Ging!

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