Baby Shower Happies

Tonight's project...party favors. For my life long bff Kimberly, I took little pewter crosses and made very similar cards for her baby shower. It was oooo so sweet.

But, not knowing how many Sansing and Junkin peeps we may have at the party, we ordered crosses from Oriental. I took brads (that are very cute birds) and pined them in the center of the cross. I had cards printed at vistaprint (well, duh) and voila! Cute, sentimental, memorable, keepsake happies.




Custom Cupcake Stick Toppers

I love vistaprint. I uploaded the party design and had envelope seals printed. I used a scrapbook punch and sucker sticks. Now I'm in the assembly portion of the project. I hope these look as cute as they look in my head for the party! I think they are going on chocolate cupcakes. I almost bought some toppers off etsy...but heck, creating is half the fun!

I rarely get to use my creative thoughts for "fun" projects because I stay busy. But, thanks to my sweet husband who's been painting backgrounds and assembling and mailing out orders, I can have time to be creative! ;-)

I did the invitation myself (one of those fun graphic design projects) then uploaded (all to match) and printed banners, signs, stickers, bags,  invitations....you name it.......on vista print. I've gone way overboard, but it's part of the Aunt Pen "being" Aunt Pen that John will have to get use to with me. My baby bubba is having a baby, and I can't help but be pumped! Especially with everything going on with us lately. It's been good baby therapy!



Semi-Homeade Presents

I'm a semi-homemade kind of gal. I love taking something and making it just a little bit better.

Much better, don't ya think?

 Swayze gives me the perfect outlet to play with new fonts and things!

Cousin Clarence gave S a lab puppy.... I wonder how he's going to be as a cousin with a baby?

MOST important present....


I am a KLUTZ...

All my life I have been a klutz. If someone is going to fall and embarass themself, it's usually me.

My latest boo-boo.....

What you can't see is the nasty swelling and black toe. I did it up right.
Managed to fall in my own drive way. 2 inches from grass, as John keeps telling me.
I went to Dr. R for my followup. He was more concerned with when was my last tetanus shot. Great.

Speaking of the follow up. We're all good, both emotionally and physically. We're just praying for God's timing and direction.


Ribbon wreath for hospital door

I stink at blogging. Sometimes I just PLAIN forget! I took photos of a recent project a few weeks back and I'm just now getting around to posting! Sorry guys!

As if I haven't blabbed enough to my buds, I'm getting a niece. I am SO excited! It's been a fabulous outlet of all those ideas floating around in my head that need a home.

First big project. Swayze's Hospital door wreath...

I (well, John) made me a circle from a metal coat hanger. I eventually realized one coat hanger was not big enough for Swayze, so we added another. I cut ribbon and fabric with pinking shears into strips.

I tied the ribbons around the coat hanger. Several hours, nights, yards of fabric and rolls of ribbon later....Voila. Here you have the finished product.

It turned out WAY cute. I must say...This was a labor of love. Lots of time!  I hope this one stays in the family for me to use one day!

Now I also know that hobby lobby makes a ready to go metal wreath. That would have been much easier! But the coat hanger was free. 



Praying for Closure

Tomorrow is the day. No cancellations. No try this. Just do it all ready.

We go in to Northport DCH at 5:30 for the D&C. My mama is meeting us there so John can head into work. It's all outpatient, but they do put you under completely. We should be home by 10 or so...and I'll be sleeping off the anesthesia all afternoon. :-)

So - more prayers! We are so ready for closure. Today would start week 11.