Top 10 things I didn't know before Arleigh

10.  Nasty, smelly poop can excite you. Especially when your baby is crying and fussy and you know she just needs to let it out. There has been once already where we were so excited and happy there could have been balloons, cake, and ice cream afterwards.  Speaking of belly issues, babies have gas. And bad gas can have grown up smells. We are in amazement sometimes that 12 pounds of cuteness can clear a room.

9. Babies cry and get fussy when you try to eat supper. Arleigh is the best diet invention yet. Apparently when I come home from work I'm all hers. It means we rarely cook supper anymore, too. I like that arrangement, but I have to eat sometimes. Lots of meals of triscuits and hummus so far. Apparently Arleigh's "I want my mama and my mama wants me" diet plan is working. I'm down 14 pounds in the past three weeks. (Way to go Arleigh!) It also means that my lean cuisines at work for lunch are extremely enjoyable. It could just be the uninterrupted part of the deal.

8.  They make zip up footed PJs without the engineering degree snaps. I LOVE zippers! Especially at 2 in the morning half asleep with no contacts.

7.  Cheaper luvs diapers can hold more pee at night and don't leave a damp feeling on her clothes like pampers and huggies. This was news to me....I thought you paid more for better. Apparently not. But I do really like the new stripes on diapers that turn dark green when she's wet. That is way cool.

6. I didn't know I would totally revert back to child hood. This includes reading silly books in multiple voices (We LOVE Going on a Bear Hunt), singing silly songs and having conversations with just ahhh and goo. Conversations with an 11 week old are just about the highlight of my day.

5.  One smile can make you melt. JUST MELT. I'm going to have to teach myself and her daddy that just because she has that sweet smile doesn't mean she can have anything. If she could talk right now, it would be dangerous. "Diamonds, please Daddy?" "Paris for Christmas, Mama?"  "I'd like to go to the moon, Papa." Why sure, honey. Whatever you want.

4.  Buying used clothes was so cool. I've never been a consignment, eBay, or Facebook used clothes shopper. But it means so many more outfits when you will wear something for 3-4 months. Most of Arleigh's smocked dresses (that weren't gifts or hand me downs) I bought for $15 and less. I'm a new fan!

3. I didn't know we would check milestone charts everyday and text out our updates. And that we'd be watching so closely for the next little thing.  (The poor next kid. I'm afraid they won't get such luxuries.)  I'm such a goober, because I really do know that this doesn't mean jack when it comes to walking or other development. But I like to know we're progressing.  This week she loves to stand and put all her weight on her legs. (So stubbornly so, she's started locking them straight so you have to stand her up.) She's started a giggle that is pretty darn adorable. She loves sitting in her bumpo seat or sitting straight up in your lap checking out the world from a new angle. She's able to hold her head up and turn it side to side on her own pretty good now.  She's really discovered the TV and would probably like us to let her watch it more. (She likes Seinfeld like her Daddy for some reason. Mommy doesn't.) And she's starting to love her fingers more and more, which Mommy likes because it means she can suck on her fingers instead of using Mommy, the world's best midnight to dawn fussy baby paci-putter-back-inner.

2.  How AWESOME John would be at this. (I figured I'd catch on pretty quick. I love babies and kids. I worked in a daycare. I've had babies around me forever.) Call me crazy, but I just assumed since he'd never wanted to be around babies or kids that he wouldn't be into parenting.  (I now know wanting to be around kids and having your own are two entirely different things.)  Heck, He's held Swayze once, and other than his conversations with Millie and Libby over the years, that's about the extent of his child care expertise. BOY WAS I WRONG. I'll never forget them rolling her in to the room at the hospital Friday night. (We had her Wednesday, and after much begging, they moved her from NICU to Well Baby so she could come to the room.) John just reached in and picked her up like he'd done it a thousand times. He gave me a little look like "here we go" and he just went for it. He hasn't stopped. He changes most poopies, feeds, bathes, sings...all of it. He's making me SO proud. So very, very, proud. Arleigh is very lucky to have a daddy like him.

1. And my number one thing that I didn't know before Arleigh...How you can have THIS MUCH LOVE for something so little and tiny. I knew we would love her. But I can't even explain the volume of love for her. It amazes me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


  1. Penny, this post excites me! It is so wonderful to see so much love!

  2. Penny, this post excites me! It is so wonderful to see so much love!

  3. Penny, this post excites me! It is so wonderful to see so much love!

  4. Penny, this post excites me! It is so wonderful to see so much love!

  5. Penny, this post excites me! It is so wonderful to see so much love!