Charity vs Socialism

Grocery line and someone uses their government issued food stamps card, checks out and gets into their ballin new ride. Or better...buy groceries with their card and sell them for cash in the parking lot. This is the same government that thinks they should be more involved in healthcare because they are so smart? Sorry folks. I already work 3 months out of the year for the government because they get 25% of my check. Maybe I should take a vacation those 3 months and see how they like my entitlement program. I'll be glad to help those with real needs that are verified and use MY money for good. I wish Washington would realize it is NOT their money they like to spend so freely. It's mine. If you can't manage existing programs, why insert yourselves in others? Rant over.

I've been listing to AFR. Socialism is when the government takes our money to use for the good of others. Charity is when we make a conscious effort to do good on our own.  I'm just not sure using my tax dollars for all these entitlement programs is a good thing. It's certainly not charity. Point to ponder, anyway. I'm thinking I'd like to do the Jesus in Politics study. Sounds like something I'd really enjoy!

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