PB&J beach trip 2010

If you don't know this already, I consider myself an honorary daughter in the Hall clan. As a matter of fact, PB&J is the little nickname for the three amigos - Penny, Brooke and Jen. ROAD TRIP!!!

We did the typical beach trip - Off to Perdido Key, LULUS with our personal serenade,  mexican, a movie day crashing on the couch because of the rain, big ole beach chair rentals, the pool, Lamberts, and peach cobbler on the way home at the farmers market. (At the giant strawberry, for those who make the trip!) 

Brock (my first cousin and one of my inner circle) let us use his condo for a quick little girly trip to the beach. It was so nice to be chillaxin listening to the waves, and his condo is gorgeous!!

A little Hall girl tradition, KRISPY KREME!

 We came back and spent one more vacation day at the pool. Although, the view from my pool is a little different with a pond view instead of the ocean. No sounds of waves crashing here, only frogs and mosquitoes buzzing.  I have gotta get the rest of the photos off of my camera!

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