September Trip to Egypt

Brock and I, with our crazy dreams, have decided it's been MUCH too long since a big adventure. We have always traveled together! We've done Los Angeles, New York, Italy, Monaco, France, Germany, Spain...and lots of spots in between together.

One afternoon my phone rang, it was Brock, and just like always, he says - "Don't you want to go somewhere?"

Instead of my usual hesitation about bills to pay, leaving John at home (that's another piece all together, because JOHN will not fly!), not wanting to take off work, money.... I blurted out "SURE, where are we going this time?"   My head was racing more with the fact I am now 30, and we're quickly approaching the "have a baby and settle down" phase of our life.

Initially we discussed heading to Australia, but I REALLY want to make this trip with my dad, plus with the time changes it's a hard trip to make in a week. Greece was also on the short list, because it's been on my bucket list a while, but with their government money problems, we decided to hold off on it for now.

You have to understand, Brock and I don't do small trips. We do crazy adventures. It's always a full novel in itself when we travel together. I'm going to try to round up photos and do a few blog entries on other destinations.

Before we hung up, we had nailed down Egypt, Cairo in particular, and had picked our dates. I immediately called my Mama and invited her to come along, since she really needs help getting stamps on her passport. She told me to ask my daddy, which I immediately did, and we were all settled. We'd have 3 flying to Cairo in September!

We don't typically debate or over think big trips like this. Just hammer out the destination and dates, and then worry about the rest.

Within about 2 days, Brock had already booked three nights at the Four Seasons residence in Cairo. We're staying nights 4-5 at the Hotel Meriden on the Nile. From Cairo, we're venturing to Paris for three nights, then heading back home.  I am so excited! Now, I need another job to cover the airfare!

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