Tonight's Thrift Store Makeover

I rarely get to experiment for fun using graphic design. Occasional fun invitations, but that's about it outside of the black, red, and blue colors in my real job as a graphic designer in the hardware industry. 

First, one of those 50% off thrift store frames. Second, taking it all apart. 

Painted the interior mat black to help the words pop a little more. 

Bonus points - Walgreens printed it (and a bunch of other projects) for 40% off. Score! I have to say....pleasantly surprised by their poster prints. I have another couple to show you once I get this all together. 

I haven't updated art in a long time....and it's time for a little personality in this joint! I'm craving color!!


  1. LOVE THIS, Penny! You, my friend, are insanely talented. :)

  2. This looks fabulous! Creativity runs in your family, and you are doing a great job passing on that talent!