When the wee one is away

Mommy will play!

AO is busy with Nano over in Mississippi, and over in these here parts Mommy is getting her crafts going!

Can't wait to get this project finished!


VBS - decorating in progress

I can't wait to see it done and in person Sunday! 


It's VBS Time

Colossal Coaster World time! 

If there even is such a thing, I get the creative gene honest from my Mama. Right now she's a busy bee decorating for VBS at my hometown church. (And yes, I'm going to brag a little.)  She's the VBS director, and every outing with our family revolves around the theme the minute VBS is over, the training, planning decorating and "we need this for VBS". There is no telling how much time and money she gives willingly for this every year. It's her gift. Her niche. 

Today's agenda - Cotton Candy Cafe for snacks. Cuteness!

And before I get any ideas on "ooooo I need that for ABC's party", all this is typically donated (literature, too) for other churches without a VBS budget. Last year, 4 churches were able to use the same materials! What an awesome way to pass on the gospel!

I can't wait to see more! I'll get to go back to our daily conversations after June 15.  Lost her to VBS. But I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Big news! AO is going to her first VBS next week with NanO! She'll get to experience my favorite week of the year!

One of these days I'm going to figure out a way to take off and teach VBS. I miss it!

Now I'm waiting on the sanctuary pictures. It's always spectacular. 

Sure, the decor isn't necessary. But if being creative gets kids excited about a whole week of learning about Jesus, why not go the extra mile? 


Tonight's Thrift Store Makeover

I rarely get to experiment for fun using graphic design. Occasional fun invitations, but that's about it outside of the black, red, and blue colors in my real job as a graphic designer in the hardware industry. 

First, one of those 50% off thrift store frames. Second, taking it all apart. 

Painted the interior mat black to help the words pop a little more. 

Bonus points - Walgreens printed it (and a bunch of other projects) for 40% off. Score! I have to say....pleasantly surprised by their poster prints. I have another couple to show you once I get this all together. 

I haven't updated art in a long time....and it's time for a little personality in this joint! I'm craving color!!


Thrift Magic 101

I've become a bit of a thrift store junkie. Like the kind that would need rehab.

Remember how excited I was about this at our local Salvation Army Thrift Store? See the frames 50% off?

What, you gasp? Thrift stores have SALES!!!
 I came home with this load of loot. Check out that 1970's red covered bridge. Not a real painting....just the cardboard printed junk. 

 But the frame had potential. $4 bucks means LOADS of potential.. 


Sooo, I decided that after an almost year and a half sabbatical from painting, it was time to break out the brushes.

I'll fly away is one of my favorites. Reminds me of the washboard band I was in during college. But most importantly, it reminds me of my Pop. While he was in the shutting down process in hospice at the hospital, I filmed a moment that I want to be my last memory of him. He was out of it, and not very coherent. And not really himself. I had a moment alone with him, and we were singing I'll Fly Away. If you've ever been around a dying Christian, it was very much what he was wanting to do. Hard to explain, but the words are perfect. 

So I did a little painting. The frame first, then a little art. A little white wash over the cardboard. Then to the fun stuff. Free hand painting. It was so nice to have paint all over my nails instead of garden dirt.

And now it has a new home on our portrait wall. 

$4 Art. Thanks to the hubs for letting Mama have a play date. ;-)