Ectopic follow up

For the fun of it, I've kept up with my blood draws. I've had 15 different draws, with 3-4 sticks each time because my veins run for cover and hide. They always have to call in someone else to stick me. The crook of my arm is a rarity. Usually it's the top of the hand or back of my wrist. This has been fun, y'all!  My arms are black and blue from all the blowouts. 

Today would make pregnancy week 11, and it's still not over. HCG is dropping, but very, very, very slow. I had another draw this morning and head back to the doctor this afternoon to see where we stand. Still the same speeches that it could still rupture and how carefully it has to be monitored.

Good times!
I know this sounds all whiny, and maybe it is just a little. It has becomes more of an inconvenience and constant reminder of how little control I have over things. A girl needs to vent occasionally. 

But truthfully, I am very thankful that this is all we are dealing with. It could be so much worse. We have so much to be thankful for on so many different levels. 

We're working on getting our house ready to sell which has been a nice distraction. I like having projects and to do lists. :-)

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