Little Bitty Business

Most of you know I work by day, run a business by night. If not, well you ought to know. :-)

Daisymaes (www.daisymaes.net) started almost 6 years ago when I moved to Tuscaloosa. I was looking to add a little cutesy-ness to my rather black and white daytime job in hardware. For the first four years, we pounded the pavement doing shows and getting the word out. In November of 2008, we launched our e-commerce website.

We've shipped to 36 states and 2 other countries. Not bad for a side job. 85% of our sales come from Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, so it takes a long time to rack up new states.  We stay pretty busy. Very busy. What's funny is the few states I'm missing are some of the same few where I've never traveled. (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota and Idaho are the only states I don't have checked off from personal travels.)

We decided back in the spring we wouldn't focus on shows this fall - mainly because I become an Aunt Penny in November, and I would die if I was at Christmas Village when Scooter gets here. :-)  Plus, it's REALLY hard to stay sane balancing a full time career and a full time business during show seasons.  It's hard. Too hard. 

Now I just have to find time to refocus the website and update product...Somewhere between full time marketing employee, wife and order-getter-outer.  Guess it's better to stay busy than be bored. That's a word I don't think belongs in my vocabulary. BORED is something I'm positively absolutely not.

I keep telling myself that one day I can go back to dreaming up my own projects for fun. It doesn't happen much anymore. 

John is painting backgrounds now, and I'm suppose to be working on decals. I better get to it before my help discovers I'm not working!  Later gator!


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