A new look

Since I am trying to keep my mind off of tomorrow, I thought I'd freshen up the blog a bit and piddle around with a few things. I'm learning. I'm more of the creative type when it comes to graphic design - I leave the code writing to the smart kids. I'm fine being the creative geek in the other corner of the room. I work doing creative in the hardware industry for a living, so I love any excuse to piddle and diddle with something a little more on the cutesy side.

(And yes, we worked on orders first tonight. The full time employee, part time boss gig is hard work. With a little more organization, maybe one day I could actually have loads of fun with all the creative ideas that run through my head as fast as a nascar driver on Sunday.)

I also piddled a little in picnik. http://www.picnik.com/app     Love it! I can wash away blemishes and touch up anything in no time. (This is coming from a girl who lives using Adobe Photoshop.  If you haven't discovered this wonder, I highly recommend. 

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy. Any ideas on how to get people to read this stuff? I am completely fine blogging to myself in la la land. I always have a lot to say. At least this way my friends don't have to listen, they can come and read by choice. :-)


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  1. love, love, love you and will be thinking about you tomorrow....keep sending your thoughts my way; I'll keep reading.