Big Brother (Dog Child) Clarence

 Have you met my first child? This is Clarence. Everyone lately on facebook has posted photos of their children TPing the house, and this was the Clarence version. He wasn't getting attention, so he got the rolls from the garbage can. Bless him. He's such a good child. He really is. This happened because I came in after work talking on the phone and didn't greet him appropriately or even speak to him. Mama should know better. :-)

Dogs do the funniest things when you are pregnant. Clarence - from the beginning - started laying his head on my belly. He does it in the afternoons when I get home and sit now, too. He watches my belly squirm and gets his head petted at the same time. 

The biggest change - especially since about week 28 - Clarence has become my hip child. Before pregnancy, Clarence would go take a nap on the couch while I went through my morning routine. Not any more. When I get up at night, when I come home, when I get dressed, in and out of the shower - He's there. It's like he knows when his Daddy's not around he's responsible for me. The funny time is in the morning. As I'm getting ready and moving around and John is at work, he watches me like a hawk. I'm not sure if he knows to dial 911 if something happens, but it's a weird reminder for me to slow down and go easy with my moving around.

The cutest thing is when I'm down on the floor or getting up out of a chair. Clarence will come over for me to use him to "balance" myself getting up. Not using him for pressure or anything, but just a little support. He's like our own working dog now. :-)

And my goodness....Don't dare let Mama try to sneak a kiss with Daddy. Here comes Clarence wanting a little TLC, too. Bless him. 

We hope he's a fabulous big brother. We're constantly having talks about when "sister" arrives, and pointing out "sister's" toys, or saying "sister's" room.  I think he may be a little jealous, but we're hoping our friends will love on both our kids when they come to visit. We think he's pretty great. We hope Arleigh thinks so, too. :-)

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