Mommy is doing better this afternoon. Very Sore still, but I walked to the Nicu. Trying to keep moving.  Breathing was initially Arleigh's problem, but basically our nurse said once they get a baby in nicu they hold onto it. She looks much better now. Good color, some of the fluid is off of her and she is rooting and sucking on that passy like she's starving.  She kept her eyes open and was very alert on our last visit. Hopeful they will take the drip out tomorrow if she's eating well. They are going to try the first bottle this afternoon. This mommy is just ready to hold her and give her kisses!  Fingers crossed we will be able to hold her tomorrow. They still won't allow more than the parents and grands to see her because of RSV/flu season :-(  we will more than likely check her out of nicu to go home.

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