We're better now. Today was a little rough. Had some pretty good contractions all day on the meds, 1-2 minutes apart. Pretty intense at times. But so far my cervix hasn't budged. Still closed tight and high. We'll start the process again tomorrow.  If  we don't proceed tomorrow we could end up with a section by tomorrow night. They could try for day 3 on the meds, but its a little more doubtful. Had a shower and got to eat (hospital valentines day special of steak ans shrimp) and then they put the cervadil back in. Fixin to sleep for a while now. Can have the Demerol every 3 hours. Can't have epi until I'm dialated or we commit to a section. OJ did touch up my toes....made me feel a little more human. :-). Hubs bought me roses for valentines..now I'm  off to sleep!

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