Arleigh's new Corner - Work in Progress

Do you remember those massive rose bushes? Well....we said bye-bye to those. Priss-pot has her very own corner. Not bad for a 14 month old. ;-)

Sticky old rose bushes gone. New kids corner in progress.

We used the dog-child Clarence's old summer wading pool for a sandbox. (Just don't forget to drill holes for the water to drain!) We did dig a bit of a hole to put the sand box (old pool) down into so it's easier for her short little baby legs to climb in and out.

Old pots got a few dollar tree flowers. An old wire planter is now a toy holder. And a mismatched board found for FREE in front of the Habitat Restore...Becomes an adorable little chalkboard.

Reuse, reuse, reuse. Upcycle, and then Upcycle some more. I want new floors, remember? :-)

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