Saturday in Phoenix

Saturday was our goof off day. Kimberly and I went to the mall....boy how things have changed. We put back makeup to buy stuff for the girls. Like they need a thing!

Then we did what we always do...other than shop. We got pretty fabulous pedicures, complete with paraffin and extra massages. Ahhh.....

Saturday night John took us on an adventure so I could see the mountains and a live cactus. (I'm just like my mom. I always need a field trip!) ;-) and we took a picture at Phoenix speedway for my hubs.

We did get in a little time to act like we were 16 again. We had a pajama party on Kimberly's bed. Complete with French braiding. ;-)

Sadly, I'm now on a jet plane headed back to Birmingham. Oh how I wish they were closer!

The only positive....united has direcTV...so I have HGTV in flight. A little different than my usual southwest. ;-)

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