Artsy Kid Friendly Corner of the Living Room

There is a valid reason why your Mama wouldn't let you play ball in the house. John and I both tend to like to to make messes. And we tend to be a little free spirited. When free spirits play ball in the house...You get holes in the wall. Which lead to this....  A Sunday wall patch job -
Turns into a Pinterest inspired art corner using the wasted space behind the front door. This door opens into our living room, and the threshold has tile. Which makes chalk clean up easy breezy. 

Main reasons? 
  1. The holes HAD to be fixed. 
  2. I already had the chalkboard paint
  3. AO needed an Art Corner. (Mama wanted one.) 
  I'm wanting to trim out the top with a bit of molding. But I'm waiting on the Habitat for Humanity Restore to finish their remodel before I buy any. (Do you have one of those in your area?) It's MY FAVORITE place to shop. We make donations there, too. You are putting money back into a great cause, and their price are usually very reasonable. Plus the look of salvaged goods is so much cooler than buying new.

Thanks Pinterest for the Masterpieces idea. And yes, the front door is getting a face lift. And the hubs doesn't like the color AT ALL. Stay tuned. :-)

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