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The great floor debate for 2013.

It's no secret I want new floors. We moved into our house new, but I didn't get to choose the flooring. The living room and kitchen open up to each other in a great-room type of way, but they are separated by a cheap linoleum in the kitchen and carpet in the living room. Three months ago, as AO was learning to crawl and walk, I thought carpet was the way to go. But now that she's up and running, and hauling mess and stomping bananas into the carpet, it's gotta go. My biggest reason is probably allergies. I've always been anti-carpet because it holds every little dust-mite imaginable.

But we're still debating what we want exactly. We're sure a laminate hardwood. But that's as close as we get to the same page.

Have you seen laminate lately? It's come SUCH a long way from the fake oak inexpensive stuff of years ago. This stuff really looks like hardwood. And it's 10 times as durable. 

If I had a message to flooring stores and to Lowes - it would be to PLEASE put different full room flooring pictures on your websites. It makes it so difficult to visualize without those pictures. I'm a very visual person, and do a pretty good job picturing the space. But picturing it off a tiny chip doesn't do much justice.

I'm thinking I want something in the middle of the specturm, but more on the dark side that looks like hand-scraped flooring. But not so dark it shows every spec. And we a fairly certain we (Well I'm sure) don't want a gloss finish just because it will show everything as well. But we are not on the same page with tone. John likes light and I like mid-dark. Decisions, decisions.

We're also leaning towards having these installed instead of DIY. It's such a large space, and I would be heartbroken if it didn't do right.   (These images are courtesy of google search. Hickory Laminate flooring.)

It's not cheap either.... We're still discussing budget...Because of course we're on different pages as well. :-)
Decisions, decisions, decisions.

hand scraped chestnut hickory laminate wood floors

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