Hobby Lobby Lunch Break

It's no secret I have two favorite stores in my life. My number one favorite spot? Hobby Lobby.   After the April 27 Tuscaloosa tornado took the original out, they moved EVEN CLOSER to my office. Meaning my lunch breaks are frequent HL trips.  The hubs wasn't nearly as excited about it opening up so close. I was seriously elated.

This trip I was on a mission. Scouting for curtain fabric for the guest bedroom redo. The walls are getting a grey paint makeover. (Thanks to my second favorite store, Lowe's. Straight off the clearance paint rack.)  I'm thinking of using the navy chevron against those (hopefully painted soon) grey walls. What do you think? Goal would be that this would be a more neutral guest room. But in the event (ONE DAY DOWN THE ROAD) we are blessed with another baby, we could just add hot pink for a girl or keep as is for a boy.  What I don't want next time is to be in the hospital with a crew at my house working their bums off to be ready for a baby. 
Every good Hobby Lobby enthusiast knows one thing. You NEVER buy Hobby Lobby unless it is on sale. So, this was just a scouting adventure. Maybe the sale will hit just about payday. :-) I scored a bedspread and lamp at Freds. Getting excited about the direction this one is headed. 
  Happy Wednesday. :-)

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